Saturday, February 19, 2011

Of winners and survivors

I`ve always wondered what  is the difference between a winner and a survivor. Both of them are pretty much American movie concepts. Sooner or later one comes to the conclusion that any survivor is a winner just because he/she survived some unconceivable circumstances. What if the circumstances are not spectacular and the event is just another big fat heartbreak? This is a Carry Bradshaw question and I am not her, my life is not all about sex, so let`s get serious. What if the circumstances are about living your life it was given to you or live the life you managed to pile up out of various events that came across your way? What are you then? A winner, or a survivor?
This Carry pase is getting on my nerves, so I get to the point. The point is that I visited my homeland after 8 moths and I met some old friends. And they were happy to see me and sad they could and did cry when I left them-again. One of them is a very special woman, although she has no special life. She hasn`t done anything special in her entire life. She is as normal as you can get. She takes care of her husband and dog. She has no kids although she would like to have one. She has no money, but she makes her way through life with a  salary. She has a degree in History but for the last 10 years she has been working as a club administrator. She is the one who criticize you but stands by  you.
In many (American) ways, she is my hero. Because she is a survivor and a winner. Thank you for being my friend, Mari!