Monday, December 6, 2010


Three days ago it was Kenzo`s birthday. He is 11 now. Quite a respectable age for a big Rottweiler. Kenzo has always been looking much younger and I really hope to have him around for a few more years. It took me a while to write this post, but somehow tonight I realized what I needed to say. I was walking him and observed his innocence. He is a dog in many ways. He sniffs, he loves snow, he cries when he is left alone in an unfamiliar environment, he wants to fight with other male dogs, he is dominant, he pees on every tree, he does not understand why he should stop when he badly wants to go to great greting other dogs… He is a dog. Just a dog, some  may say. For me, he is all I want to be. I am wondering why is so offensive to people to be called `a dog`. Dogs are wonderful creatures and my intimate belief is that they are God`s gift to people. They are here to teach us commitment, trust, love, honesty and courage. Have you ever looked in a dog`s eyes? For him, a human being is everything. Dogs don`t want to be like us, just to be  around us. They don`t need us, we need them. They are just unconditionally offering their services and their souls. Can anyone refuse such an offer? Have you ever received such an offer from a human being?
Kenzo is not my dog, actually. He came to my life `by accident`, like all the good things of my life did. He is my ex-husband`s dog, but Kenzo slept by my side from the first night he came to our house. He knew we were meant for each other. He knew he was the dog I was looking for and the friend I was lucking. I have to words to express my gratitude for everything this dog did for me. If it wasn` t for him, I would have probably got into a dangerous nervous breakdown at some point. But he was there, making me laugh everyday, reminding me that it was time to go outside and meet people and other dogs, he was there for me. When I was sad, he came next to me and waited. Kenzo is not intruding in my personal life. He is noble and discreet. He just lets me know that he is there. When I was pregnant, Kenzo listened to the sounds of my womb and played with my son even before he was born. Now, Kenzo  is Joachim’s big brother in any way. He corrects him without punishing him, he loves him and plays with him.
Kenzo  is not just a dog, Kenzo  is a person. Not half-human, as people say about dogs, but a person. Kenzo  is part of my family. He is my first born and also my master. I learnt a lot from him and I am grateful for every single day I can see him running happily in the snow- because Kenzo  loves snow. If my sins are not paid  already and I`ll have  to come back in this world, I`d very much like to be a dog. I`d like to be Kenzo,  because in my soul this is what I am: a Rottweiler. And Kenzo came to me to teach me the Rottweiler way in this world. Thank you for choosing me, Kenzo,  and happy birthday to you!